About Us


Oliveira Middle School is committed to the academic and social development of alumni who will become critical thinkers, life-long learners, and productive citizens. The curriculum will aspire to meet the needs of a diverse student population with an emphasis on college readiness and technological literacy.


It is the vision of Oliveira Middle School to ensure that each child will experience optimal social, emotional, academic, and physical success through a challenging and progressive child-centered educational program in a safe and healthy learning environment. It is the vision of Oliveira to build a population of student excellence with priority in self growth and leadership to become proud members of the community. We will maintain high expectations and promote excellence for all students.

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Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow


Hail To Our Alma Mater Dear

In Our Hearts She’s Always Near

Loyal Hearts In Unity

Pride In Her For All To See

We will Always Do Our Best

To Love, Honor, and Respect

May Our Colors Forever Shine

Red, White, And Blue Forever Mine